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What is an Visual Field Test?
A Visual Field Test (VFT) is used to test your central & peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is used a lot for things like Driving. It is often damaged by diseases like Glaucoma and Diabetes. VFT’s may also show up things like brain tumours, bleeding on the brain or swelling cause by concussions.
What does it Do?
A VFT test is performed using a Visual Field analyser.

Think a visual field analyser like a bucket with a lot of tiny little pin prick sized holes. Each time one of the little holes opens up you see a small spot of light. Many people say they look a bit like tiny ‘stars.’

Each time you see a little spot of light you click a button and the machine records your answer.

Nothing touches your eye and the whole test only takes around 3-4 minutes per eye.

When do we recommend a Visual Field Test?
  • Anyone who is experiencing unexplained Head Aches.
  • Those over 50 usually once every 2 years.
  • Those over 60 Annually.
  • Those with Glaucoma (twice a year) or a family history of Glaucoma annually.
  • People with Diabetes annually.
  • Anyone with a Family history of Macular Disease or whom exhibit macular changes.
  • Anyone who has had a concussion.
  • Mid to high range Myopes (people with shortsightedness).
  • Anyone who has had cataract surgery.
  • Anyone who has suddenly experienced a loss of central vision or has blurred central vision that came on suddenly.
Why have you probably never heard about a VFT?
VFT’s have been used by Ophthalmologists (Eye Specialists) & Optometrists for decades now.

The cost of these devices has been limited their use until the last 10 years or so. Even then because older VFT’ing machines are slow many people who should be given a visual field test have not received one.

Fortunately now days newer machines are much faster and easier for patients. That means we can recommend their use to a lot more people without having to worry if the test will be too overwhelming.

What happens when I get an OCT?
Visual Field Tests are completely non-invasive and there is absolutely no pain. In fact nothing actually touches your eye. There are no aesthetics required and the whole process takes less then 10 minutes.

You simple look inside the machine and when you see one of the little lights come on you click the button.

It is as Simple as that!

What does an VFT cost?
Nothing!!! All Visual Field Tests are Bulk Billed to Medicare on your behalf.

Visual Field Tests are so important that Medicare covers the cost of up to two VFT’s per person per year.

So if you ever have any concerns that you notice that you, or an elderly loved one, has become clumsy or is bumping into objects more then they used to let them know they should have a VFT. Similarly if you or a loved one is experiencing unexplained Head Aches or suffers a concussion then it is good to have your Visual Fields tested.


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