What Is Red Light Therapy?

For Many People, Redlight Therapy Is Pain-Free, Drug-Free Pain Relief!

Redlight Therapy or Photobiomodulation uses specific wavelengths that help supercharge the body’s own natural, repair systems. The device we use has a panel of LED lights that produce light in equal parts:

25% of the lights emit at 620nm - Orange Red in Colour

25% of the lights emit at 670nm - Deep Red in Colour

25% of the lights emit at 760nm - Red Infrared which are only partially visible.

25% of the lights emit at 830nm - Near Infrared which are invisible to the human eye

They are the four most commonly studied Low Level Light Therapy wavelengths. Therefore, they are the most likely to provide beneficial effects for a wide variety of health conditions.
what is photobiomodulation

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

The simple answer is the exact way it works is unclear. The science of figuring that out is poorly funded. Sadly Researchers cannot go to a Big Pharmaceutical Company and ask them to fund a study on a Drug-Free Treatment.

Dr Jeffrey Knight explains more

What the Scientists do know is that:

  • Our bodies do a great deal of their natural healing at night which is why sleep is so important.
  • Mitochondria which are the little ‘engines’ found in almost every cell of the human body (the most noticeable exception being Redd Blood Cells) produce a chemical called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP – see https://youtu.be/NN5Y57NbnrU).
  • ATP is the primary energy carrier for All Living Organisms on Earth.
  • Without ATP a cell would die very quickly.
  • Scientists have proven that light from the red end of the light spectrum, stimulates the Mitochondria which in turn increases the production of ATP!

Because ATP is constantly being broken down and remade if your body can make it faster then the cells can use the ATP to repair damage or clean away toxins in the cells faster.

Should You Be Skeptical?

Yes I think we should all be sceptical about any claims made about new treatments. Where health & pain management is concerned people often get tricked into paying $1000’s for gimmicks that don’t work.

However, we still don’t know exactly how a common drug like Aspirin works. Just because we don’t know how it works does not stop it working.

Photobiomodulation does seem to be helpful in reducing pain, swelling and seems to help with circulation and wound healing. It is not a drug & it does not require the manipulation of muscles and joints. Photobiomodulation is pain & drug-free.

Is Red Light Therapy Simply a Placebo?

Again the Experts say no. There are clearly claims made about Red Light Therapy that is rubbish. However; there are 1000’s of reputable scientists from trusted Universities such as Harvard University who have published their research in recognised Medical Journals (see Dr Michael Hamblin )

Dr Jeffrey Knight explains why Red Light Therapy should be taken seriously:

My Personal Journey:

In October 2019 I attended a conference in Melbourne. A company at the Trade Show produced a mask for the treatment of Dry Eye Disease (DED). As an Optometrist, I am always looking for cost-effective treatments for DED.

The Sales Rep at the Trade Show asked if I had dry eyes and if I wanted to try the ‘Red Light Mask?’ I said I didn’t have dry eyes. The Rep then asked if I had any ‘aches & pains? Being an avid golfer I had plenty. So the mask was put on my right arm covering my ‘golfer’s elbow.’ I had experienced moderate to severe pain in that arm for many years. No drug, physio or natural therapy had ever helped for much more than a day or two & I was resigned to living with the pain.

Fifteen minutes later the mask came off and the pain was gone! Walking back to my unit I thought to myself: “Well this will be like the painkillers or steroid injections. I’ll have a few days pain free & then the pain will come back.” At the time of writing, I am pleased to say that the elbow pain has never returned.

Since then I have had all sorts of people agree to let me test their condition so I could build up a Library of what works with our Low-level Light Therapy unit. Successes include:

  1. Hidradenitis Suppurativa – for those of you with this condition you will know that it is chronic & painful. We have had outstanding results using 10-minute sessions twice a day. The earlier you start the treatments the faster the resolution of the sores. Typically the nodules resolve in under a week with significantly less pain & discomfort in just a few days. I stress this is not a cure. However; patients are extremely grateful for the pain relief and the shortened duration. If you have this condition please ignore the standard charges. Your condition will be treated on a case by case basis because, as you would know, the variations in this disease are enormous.
  2. Hammertoe – that was particularly amazing because you could see the physical ‘release’ of the toe after only the third session.
  3. Broken Lower Leg (plates & screws) – x-rays showed faster than expected repair of the bones and stitches. In the Orthopedic Surgeon’s words: “Virtually no indication of a spiral break & the stitches had healed particularly well.”
  4.  Frozen Shoulder – a condition which plagued this individual for many months. All the usual treatments had failed (steroids, physio & acupuncture). Three Low-Level Light treatments were needed to restore a full range of pain-free movement to the shoulder. A follow-up was required some five months later as the pain started to creep back.
  5. Neck Pain – was treated fortnightly by a Physiotherapist. The condition & had been ongoing for years due to work. This individual was so successful that she bought her own unit.
  6. Severely Swollen Feet – this lady’s feet were so swollen they were ‘purple’ in colour. The pain at night had become so bad it woke her continually. Her GP explained he could not use medications because if he lowered her Blood Pressure to alleviate the circulation issues in her feet she might experience severe issues due to the drugs she must take for her heart condition. After the first treatment the lady returned the following day saying it was the first good night’s sleep she had experienced in over 3 weeks. Each time we see this elderly lady I am reminded how long term pain can be a real misery when there seems no alternative.

100% No-Risk Guarantee:

1. In regards to Red Light Therapy, do your own research & make certain you have your GP properly diagnose your problem before you start treatment. 

2. If you decide you would like to try our Red Light Therapy Unit then the first treatment is FREE so you can experience the treatment for yourself.

3. Our standard package of five treatments for $110. You are free to use that package up in a week, a month or a year. Some conditions respond better to daily treatments. Some conditions only need one or two every other month.

If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund you the entire $110 no questions asked.

Red Light Therapy is totally Drug-free Treatment which makes it perfect for athletes & those looking for a drug-free solution.

For minor aches and pains, Red Light Therapy appears to offer a much faster, drug-free recovery option.

For chronic conditions, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Scientists are still trying to unravel how best to use Red Light Therapy & which conditions respond best to what wavelengths. For many chronic pain sufferers or those with circulatory conditions, our first aim is to reduce the symptoms to allow a better quality of life. We recommend you work closely with your GP every step of the way. They are the best people to monitor your results and give you an unbiased, professional opinion on whether the treatment is right for you & if it is working.

In time it would be nice to have Griffith University take our successful results and subject those to proper scientific scrutiny.