Behavioural Eye Tests check more than just Eyesight

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Nothing worse than being rushed. At EyeBiz we believe in doing things the right way. When it comes to your eyes we treat them like they are our own. We take the time to make sure we do the best job we can.

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Seeing Requires the Eyes to Work as a Team.

Children think the way they see is the way everyone sees.

  • 85% of learning is done visually.
  • Vision Australia estimates that 60% of children identified as ‘problem learners’ are challenged by ‘poor vision.’
  • Children who have perfect 20 / 20 distance vision may still have learning-related vision problems.
  • Behavioural Testing looks at eye coordination as well.

Visual Demand has Changed since 1995:

  • Our children are growing up with Mobile devices.
  • Children as young as 3 are often seen using a mobile phone or an iPad. Computers are found in every school.
  • Australian Children spend an average of 4-6 hours watching a screen (TV / Computer / Tablet / Smart Phone).

Measuring Teamwork

  • Eyes need to See & work as a Team.
  • For some children aligning their eyes is a problem. For other children holding focus is an issue. Both groups will often pass a standard eye test.
  • Since the year 2000 many more children have become Myopic (short-sightedness) than ever before in human history.