Eyebiz Optometry

( Carrara Shopping Ctr – Woolworths Carrara)

Shop 5 / 54 Manchester Rd, Carrara, Qld 4211

7 Ways We Plan To Keep You & Your Family Safe.

1. One Hour Appointments

By allocating every patient 1 full hour we aim to minimise the interactions between patients.

  1. Plenty of time for you to be seen before the next person arrives.
  2. Limiting contact between people to an absolute minimum.
  3. Plenty of space in the Practice to observe the Personal Space requirements.

All eye tests, including any Behavioural Testing, are Bulk Billed to Medicare

2. Safety in Numbers

Only 2 Staff Members

  • We will have no more than 2 staff members in the practice at any one time.
  • Keeping the number of staff to a minimum means you have less exposure to people you do not know.
  • None of our staff has been overseas resently.


3. Strict Hygiene

Strict Hygiene Protocols

  1. Disinfecting surfaces after between patients.
  2. Disinfecting spectacle frames after use.
  3. Disposable chin rests and eye patches.

4. No Crowded Waiting Rooms

By booking one hour appointments our aim is to have no one sitting in our waiting room. We aim to encourage everyone to arrive on the hour so the practice is totally empty except for our two staff members. 

There is plenty of room at our practice and in our consultation to allow for Social Distancing.

5. One Optometrist - All testing.

We promise that your Optometrist will personally perform all of the eye tests you need. You will not be passed from one assistant to the next and to the next, at EyeBiz Optometry.

Our aim is to keep you and your family safe by making certain you don’t need to see more people than is absolutely necessary.

6. Australian Laborities

All of our spectacles are ordered through labs based in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast.

We have always supported Australian Spectacle Labs. Now, more than ever that is so much more important for three reasons:

  1. Australians need help other Australians keep thier jobs.
  2. Our local labs are working to Australian standards to make sure your new spectacles are safe to use. 
  3. We manufacture some of the very best spectacle lenses in the world right here in Australia.

7. Easy Parking - Right Outside

No one wants to risk going into crowded areas at present. We have parking right outside the door. That means you can be out of your car and into the practice in under 1 minute.





Find Us At

Shop 5 Carrara Shopping Centre 54 Manchester Road. Carrara Qld 4211

PH: 55 737 630 to Book an Appointment.

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