What is MASS?

  1. The Spectacle Supply Scheme is there to help Queensland Residents.
  2. Queensland Health provides FREE spectacles to eligible:
    1. Pension Card holders;
    2. Commonwealth Health Care Card holders;
    3. Seniors Card Holders.

How does it work?

MASS is for ALL ages & it is Simple!

  1. Participating Optometrists & Ophthalmologists like Eyebiz in Upper Coomera test your eyes.
  2. If you require spectacles then we help you complete an application form.
  3. The form is sent away and your Free spectacles are made up and returned to us for you to collect.


Once Every Two Years.

If you lose or break a pair of Glasses then we can apply for a replacement. However; the decision to re-issue is not up to the Optometrist unless a clinical need is demonstrated.

You can also upgrade your spectacles to include:

  • Photo-chromatic – $100
  • Tinting – $35
  • UV Protection – $35



How Often Can I get Free Glasses?