Dry Eye Treatment

Eyebiz Upper Coomera



1. Clean

DP House Cleaning Service

1. Let’s Get Rid of the Nasties

A Daily Clean is key

  • In many cases of mild Dry Eye the patient has Blepharitis and Demodex.
  • These two conditions block the little glands in the eyelids called the Meibomian Glands.
  • That stops the eyelids producing the ‘oily’ liquid that stops your tears from evaporating.

Blepharitis is a bacterial infection:

  • Looks a bit like ‘dandruff’ on your eyelashes.
  • Cleaning this of every day allows us to treat the Demodex.
  • It also helps clear the openings in the glands found on your eye lid margins.

Demodex is a nasty little mite: 

  • That infects the base of the eyelashes.
  • It doesn’t like Tea tree oil or heat packs.
  • It takes six weeks to get rid of Demodex because you have to kill the little eggs it lays as well.
  • In people with sensitive skin types Demodex will often come back.
Put simply if you are one of the 30% of Australians with Dry Eye then you need to clean your eyelids every day just like you would clean your teeth every day!

2. Diet


2. Right the Imbalance with Water & Omega 3


  • Studies into Dry Eye have found that many people who suffer do not drink enough water.
  • More water less coffee is one of the easiest things we can all do.
  • So if you have dry eyes start to drink more water.

Omega 3:

  • In western diets we have a lot of Omega 6 & not very much Omega 3.
  • Experts suggest that humans used to have approximately 1 Omega 6 to 1 Omega 3.
  • In the western diet we now have a ratio of around 15 Omega 6 units to 1 Omega 3 unit (click here for more).
  • In the case of eyes Omega 3 from Plant of Fish sources are fine.
  • So as Australian’s we have two choices:
    1. Decrease our intake of Omega 6 by radically changing our western style diets.
    2. Take Omega 3 capsules.
  • For the first two months it is recommended that you take 1200 – 1600 mg of Omega 3.
  • After that around the 1000 is recommended.

Products like Lacritec (click here for more) have a balance of both plant and fish Omega 3’s. Research shows this is a distinct advantage in treating Dry Eye Patients. 

Always check with your GP before changing your diet or taking any supplement.

3. Heat

Blephasteam Eyebiz Upper Coomera

3. Now we have your eyes in tip top condition its time to Turn up the Heat


  • We use the Blephasteam Unit at Eyebiz in Upper Coomera.
  • The unit looks like a set of swimming goggles.
  • We simply place a wet washer in each side of the goggles and let you sit for 10 minutes.
  • The goggles heat to around 40 degrees Celsius and the steam helps soften build up in the eyelid glands.
  • Once you have finished we express the glands.
  • This service is not covered by Medicare but is only $34 per treatment
  • If the build up is sever we do rent out the unit ($70 for the week) so you can do the procedure for 7 days in a row in the comfort of your own home.
  • Heat packs can work. But steaming provides more consistent results.


  • Intense Pulse Light (IPL) for dry eyes uses heat to help mobilise the oil that may have hardened and be blocking the glands in the eyelid.
  • It is the very best way to treat most Dry Eye sufferers.
  • Unfortunately it can be very costly.
  • At Eyebiz we work hand-in-hand with a clinic that is right next door to provide an IPL service that is far more cost effective then any other being offered on the Gold Coast.
  • Our aim is to treat milder cases of Dry Eye with an IPL to provide results much faster and stop the disease progressing from mild to severe.

Heat will only work once the eyelids are clean and your diet has the right balance of water and Omega 3s. If you have been told all you need is an IPL then you have been advised poorly!

4. Drops

4. Different Drops for Different Folks

Tear Osmolarity:

  • Depending on the condition you have your tears may be more or less salty.
  • If you have Dry Eyes, and there is damage to the surface of the cornea (the front of the eye), then overly ‘salty’ tears will sting in the same way salty water stings an open cut.
  • Buying any old Artificial Tear Drop or Spray may do very little to help your Dry Eye condition.
  • In fact when you first start treating Dry Eye problems you may start with a drop that is very thick to help prevent damage to the cornea. As your dry eye problems improve changing the drop to a more ‘watery’ drop may help flush the eye and re-balance the natural tear osmolarity.

Aqueous Deficiency Dry Eye:

  • Is cause because the Tear don’t produce enough tears naturally or the tears tend to drain away too quickly.
  • Is much less common then Mebomian Gland Disorder
  • The main treatment for this type of Dry Eye is artificial tears (drops or sprays) and Punctal Plugs.
    • The drops help supplement the lack of tears.
    • The ‘plugs’ prevent the teas from draining away via your nose.
  • Commonly a very thick drop is used for this type of problem.

Make sure you know what drop or spray to buy? Many companies advertise products on the TV. Buying the wrong one may only hide the problem giving it time to get worse.

5. Serum

5. Autologous Serum

Tear additives made from your own blood

  • Since 1975 scientists have been centrifuging blood to extract a special serum.
  • This special serum is made from the patient’s own blood.
  • Only a very small vial of blood is needed to provide many weeks worth of treatment.
  • Initially the serum was used to treat patients with severe chemical burns.
  • In the past few years this procedure has been used to treat patients with severe Dry Eye.

The nearest location for this type of treatment is The Eye Health Centre in Brisbane. A referral is required to their Dry Eye Clinic. The treatment is not widely used in Australia. If you have very severe Dry Eye this form of Treatment is worth considering.